Residential Home Care Services

  • Short-term relief respite care

    Respite care can provide reassurance for family members that a loved one is receiving the quality care and attention that they need and deserve. It can alleviate stress levels and help to maintain a lifetime balance.

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia care

    Once a family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he or she needs special care. Undertaking care-giving responsibility in such circumstances is typically very demanding and stressful for the family member or friend concerned. It is important to recognize that professional home care help is available in these situations. 

  • Palliative care

    The focus of palliative care is to provide relief and to create an environment for the patients concerned that is as free of stress and suffering as is reasonably possible in the circumstances. Various programs address the emotional, physical, spiritual and social concerns that typically accompany advanced terminal illnesses. Our Palliative Care Team employs a multidisciplinary approach in developing palliative care plans. These take into account the particular needs of individual patients, which necessarily vary.

  • Case Management

    Case management includes assessment, planning, collaboration, and identification of suitable options and services for individuals. Consultation with family members or close friends on appropriate measures and programs is an integral part of the planning process. Our Case Manager Nurse will conduct assessment free of charge as well free on line consultations.

  • Assessment and consultation

    Assessment is recognized as a necessary and important step toward developing health care plans and treatment that are appropriate to the patient or patients concerned. It is a valuable and indispensable aid to a health care professional, such as a registered nurse, in deciding upon the best options of care. A registered nurse will typically co-ordinate ongoing consultations, emotional support and undertake behavioural observations.

  • Housing options and support

    Accommodation that might be very appropriate for a patient is also provided as part of our service package. This can be a very desirable option for patients, and particularly for seniors, for whom the maintenance of a house of their own, even with the aid of a housekeeper, can be too demanding. We offer attractive two-bedroom suites in a handicap-accessible building that are available at a reasonable renting price.

  • One to One institutional support

    Problems that can arise in the case of alternative accommodation in retirement or nursing homes, such as staff shortages, are dispensed with in the home care option. A Personal Care Provider will always be available to help you, in your own residence, with breakfast or short walks, or in making your bed, or in simply providing invaluable companionship. Necessary escorts to destinations such as food stores, libraries, banks, medical appointments, and aid in simply crossing a road, are all part of the comprehensive and cost-effective home care package which we offer.