About StaffMed

An Easier Way to Find & Book Homecare Providers

An Easier Way to Find Quality Care for Seniors

StaffMed HomeCare Agency Connects Seniors  and Caregivers Directly using Web and Mobile Apps

Staffmed's Homecare new 'care on demand' service gives seniors direct access to care providers. By eliminating agency delays, "we give seniors fast, affordable, and flexible care services to make life easier and more enjoyable" says Vladimir, Director.

With our easy homecare mobile app, you get direct access to experienced caregivers who are ready to deliver personalized care based on your needs, without service delays or expense of a traditional agency. Senior users (or family members) can book qualified caregivers based on their professional credentials, and 5 star rating. View your caregiver's profile and client reviews. No more waiting hours due to agency delays. No more uncompleted tasks with limited accountability. No more complicated payments or high fees.