May 28

Activities for Dementia Patients

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alzheimers aggression - Activities for Dementia Patients

Connecting with others is at the core of being human – and it’s something that doesn’t change when a person has dementia. We’re often asked what are good activities for dementia patients. It’s important to know that there are many ways you can continue to form connections and strengthen bonds with your loved one during this time.


May 28

Who will take care of the caregiver?

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Residential2 1 300x199 - Who will take care of the caregiver?

Being a caregiver can often be very demanding. Those requiring care are quite typically unable to perform basic tasks, such as eating, dressing, showering, and so forth. Very often they are seniors in a frail condition; others may suffer from ongoing restrictive or debilitating medical conditions, or they may be recovering from illness or surgery.

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May 26

Share with network..our main goal to help a Client

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request from Viarton Ont. 278x300 - Share with network..our main goal to help a ClientStaffmed homecare is actively involved into marketing campaign. One of our great marketing tools is Google AdWords. It unbelievable, but we can see fast response from both sides: caregiver and Clients right after 3d week of using Google AdWords. Requests are coming from Kingston, Toronto, and Windsor Ontario. Google Analytics reports help us to modify strategies from time to time, add variety of different marketing tools. It is  important to balance number of caregivers in certain areas and size of demand of care which is always unbalance with available workers

We gladly share requests from our Clients with other homecare agencies that are willing to cooperate with us with no further commitments. Our goal is to help our Clients, and if other business can fill Client’s request, we would be happy that requests is filled.

Here I have attached the sample of request that is coming directly to our system. We look forward to hear from you

May 26

What is the best option..?? Staying at home or moving to retirement facility..??

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Institutional1 300x200 - What is the best option..?? Staying at home or moving to retirement facility..??So many of us will face this dilemma in our later years as we find ourselves increasingly reliant on the assistance of others in our day-to-day lives. The choice we make can be determined by a range of factors.

The precise state of one’s health, together with one’s lifestyle, temperament, financial resources, and such matters as personal safety, are all factors that can come into play when contemplating such an important decision. For example, if one is very much a ‘people person’ who thrives on social interaction and involvement, and who, at the same time, appreciates or requires a structured environment complete with full nursing/caregiving and dining/laundry/housekeeping services, then a community living setting housing others may be the appropriate choice.

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May 25

Staffmed Home Care Partners with Ontario Personal Support Workers Association

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Staffmed Home Care

“Staffmed Home Care has a unique way to connect seniors and caregivers directly in order to provide seamless and continuum of care. This way Clients can make the best choice selecting a care provider for their specific needs. We have partnered with Ontario Personal Support Workers Association as we want to reassure our Clients that our care providers meet industry standards, have proper education and experience, verified police records checks. We look forward to work together for the best benefits of our Clients as well as to create more and better opportunities for PSWs”