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It has been a pleasure working with Vladimir and Staffmed over the years as a caregiver. One gets the chance to meet so many interesting and wonderful people, whether patients, residents, medical staff, family members, or others during the course of one's duties. It is a career that can be a delightful and rewarding experience in various ways.”.


My Health Care Provider career has been positively affected by STAFFMED. One of the most important aspects is it has given me a lot of experience. The variety of facilities and the different types of skills you use as a Health Care Provider - it is such a learning experience. Meeting and working with different people has not only helped me grow as a Health Care Provider but a person as well.I like the schedule flexibility, salary, local sites to work .(The facilities I am placed at) overall are welcoming of the help. Once you are at a location for a while, you almost become just like any other staff member. (I enjoy most) the flexibility in scheduling so I can work hours that best suit my life. I truly love working for this agency. I can say that I love being a Health Care Provider.

Aurora Tue Jun 28 2016 21 17 55 GMT 0000 UTC 4sfob 1 - Our Caregivers Aurora Parker 
Health Care Provider

Working for Staffmed has been an incredibly rewarding experience, though you are on the field but be rest assured that you are not alone. I can always count on an unalloyed support of my manager, Vladimir. He will calmly instill the confidence needed to deliver the best practice out there in healthcare facilities and in home settings. The wide range of clients of Staffmed has actually exposed me to immeasurable experience in caring for the vulnerable groups that is the baby of Staffmed soln. At Staffmed, it is client focused/family centered practice.

2012 02 07 10.14.55 Wed Jun 29 2016 13 09 13 GMT 0000 UTC YBYdH - Our Caregivers Muibat Jimoh
Registered Practical Nurse