An easier way to match qualified caregivers with home care requests is a mobile, web-based platform that makes it easy to search and book caregivers for a variety of roles based on qualifications, location, and experience. 

  • Platform can be tailored to meet unique requirements for institutions, health authorities, and other organizations that respond to requests for caregivers 
  • Flexible pilot options including co-branding ( or, caregiver data management, and integration with existing systems
  • Available now in a consumer pilot with 300 caregivers in Ottawa with categories such as senior care, nursing care, and house-keeping at is an initiative of Canada Care Connect and StaffMed Solutions, an experienced home care agency in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Our demo video shows a quick tour of how to:
  • Search caregiver database with profiles on a map 
  • Broadcast a care request to qualified caregivers within 15km 
  • Confirm caregiver availability & details with SMS messaging 

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